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Shinki Co. Ltd,. participated in the 12th Japan international seafood show.


Become the authority of of the sushi material

In the book of "Become the authority of of the sushi material", our CEO was introduced. [An author: Yuzo Nomura, publication: Shodensha Inc.]


We are SHINKI CO., LTD., tuna processing and sales trader.

SHINKI CO., LTD. performs import / processing / the sale of the tuna."A fresh, delicious, safe frozen or fresh tuna are processed in safely and send it to the customer" This is a important missions of us who is related to production, circulation, and sales of the fishery processed food including the tuna.

We who handle the tuna landed all over the world understand information on the country of origin, the fishery, and the fish stock, etc. accurately. And we manage arrival of goods, the processing, and the shipment information totally.

We are using our original traceability system to answer the responsibility of sending a safe, fresh tuna to the customer.

A good quality southern bluefin tuna from Australia was imported directly from tuna farmer (EYRE TUNA Pty Ltd.) in Australia, and it was start-up in recent years as SHINKI original brand tuna "EYRE PREMIUN TUNA". It came to be able to propose a safe, delicious tuna corresponding to customer's usage more widely.

Please feel free to inquire concerning anything about tuna.


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Business hours: 8:00-18:00, Dies non: Sunday

Traceability System for Tuna

We are ensuring the trace ability of all our tuna products.

Please input a trace number.

  • For tuna except the eyre premium tuna.
    *The number of 16 figures
  • For the eyre premium tuna.
    *The number of 8 figures
sashimi of tuna

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